Lake Musings


Lake Musings

I often wonder!
How flies Heron
across peaceful

With Majestic grace refined,
pausing only to reflect
as golden rays shimmer
between dancing leaves.

Perched upon
fishing berth
on balmy
summer’s day,

enthusiastic anglers crouch
like intrepid toads
ready to pounce,
lines taut primed to engage –

their addiction
a fling with carp,
were they
too flighty?

Unlike Heron
who stands serene
waiting for
the prize.

Sitting here with time to muse
on promise of verse and rhyme,
assured of nature’s good intentions
encouraged by her beauty,

but for that murky lake
that ripples where
throngs of fish
cluster beneath,

a glimmer
of hope
for fishermen…
I guess.

By Featheredwing.
31st May 2018.



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My brother was the fisherman, this reminded me of his passion and his hope.

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