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Hangzhou, China hosted the eleventh G-20 summit in 2016.
West Lake in Hangzhou is known for its beauty, gardens, Ten Scenes and its role in the Song Dynasty in respect to the career of a number of major poets.
Hupao or Dreaming of the Tiger Spring is a park in Hangzhou with a monk resting on the shore with two ferocious tigers descending on him.
Bai Suzhen is the legendary woman, skilled in the magical arts, who emerged from West Lake where she lived as the White Snake before she took mortal form.

 (for Jun Wang, native of Hangzhou)
No worry; no hurry
(Phrase to describe life in Hangzhou)
Opened her eyes in Hangzhou,
As China’s sails unfurled again.
In a dismal corner of the G-20 incandescent burst,
Who is resting on a bank by a still pool,
Contemplating a heron lifting free,
Separating from his body,
Resting eternally on shore,
Tigers closing in?
Bai Suzhen run through the electronic waves,
Two-dimensional faces drain
The stillness in your heart,
Eyes peer out the dark side of the moon.
Text scrolled in characters across the void;
Tattooed on your untouched skin,
The jagged rules of trusting life.
Ocean-borne raft of all your friends
Surges across a tiny foreign screen without end,
To the Song I will return.
Just another White Snake practicing the magical arts
Far beneath, deep below spring-fed waters,
By three-sided mountain tops,
Waiting on a corporeal form from under
The blossom of the peach and plum and lotus bed,
Three ponds mirroring the moon.
It is dusk and I am anxious and alone,
Forgotten in the Pagoda and flower’s home,
When the wind and rain start to blow.
I look for her in vain.
When all at once I turn my head,
I find her there where light is dimly shed;
The taste of autumn is all I know.
Much has happened and nothing changed,
What now can be expressed?
Ten Scenes tricked out like a song,
Illuminated fountains dance and play,
A stone-cut lion gazes on the fiery end of day,
And she’s gone.

© ross 2023
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i didn’t understand it well enough to add a comment but I can say that there is a problem with the longer lines here, that it may be misshaped

Just another White Snake practicing the magical arts
Deep in the spring-fed waters beneath three-sided mountain tops,
Waiting on a corporeal form below

deep beneath below
is that good? you have something big to say here.
be more open.

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