Born Sightless

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Born Blind
I was born without sight.
Growing with no eyes was easy,
I touched my way through life.
I was told of nature’s wonders
and treasured that I’d never seen.  
I stood on crumbling cliff-tops
shouted at the wind and waves and
gangster seagulls looping.
I danced wildly in ice-fresh air
to the music of Earth’s song that
the sighted cannot hear.
I kept the magic to myself
I would not share with those
so blinded by obtuse pride they
wanted proof they were created.
One day my eyes opened
I saw hurting etched on faces
I saw slavish resignation
I saw hopelessness and fearing
inked deep on shrivelled parchment skin.
Old ‘useless eaters’ left
to slippered lives of poverty
a world of dementia
inventing stories of their youth,
“I was a bit of a lad, me,”
no one cares or listens.
Streets are filled with sirens howling
strangers’ banshee cursing
snatches of ‘garage’ from
cars of snarling grid-locked drivers.                             
The white noise of broken souls.
I wandered a forest
to a secluded glade where I
gouged my offending eyes.
A curtain of darkness lowered,
and Earth’s green music kissed my ears.


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