Love is not enough

self-evident truism

Only love is not enough
in a relationship to make it work.
You need so much else,
like trust and mutual understanding,
depth of feelings, and, the most important,
the community of souls,
that sticks together in fidelity of mind
to always have each other in their minds.
(You also need the possibility to be alone
for meditation, concentration, freedom,
work and clarity of mind,
but all this is self-evident.)
If all this works, ensured with depth of trust,
then love is here to stay,
and you don’t even have to bother to express it.
It will keep on going and expanding by itself,
and all you have to do is just to follow
and maintain it properly by not forgetting it.


© aurelio 2023
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aurelio I agree with what you say in this piece but the one thing in life I have found that a happy wife makes for a happy life…you see she who must be obeyed tells me so…lol…Tony

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