Artic Seal


Arctic seal



The world I live in is cold and wet

Food, I have to hunt for all I get.

But life can sometimes be a pleasure

Basking in a wintry sun at leisure


But in hunting for food I need great skill

Trying to catch fish, squid or krill.

But even here I have enemies still

To them I’m food to hunt and kill.


But worst of all is what they call man,

They say in hunting me they’ve got a ban

In their words they call it cull

To me it’s the same; I call it kill.


From it they get pleasure and call it fun,

They hunt our babies with spike and gun

For all this persecution from under the sun

I often wonder; what have we done?




© potleek 2023
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It’s horrible, isn’t it? I remember seeing that awful photo of the man standing over a baby seal with a club. Life for these poor little creatures is hard enough and I think that comes through really well in your poem. Nicely done about a terrible act.

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