You’ll never cry alone


When in the darkness of the night
you cry outrageously for all your losses
all alone in desperate dejection,
while I roam around the world
completely unaware of your friend’s death,
how can I even guess at the extent
of the disaster you are falling through
to misery of bottomless infinity?
And yet, your tears are but one wave
from out the ocean of the sorrows of humanity,
and your friend’s death is just another
new beginning for a new and even better life.
There is no end to the beginnings,
since there are no ends without beginnings,
and there is no death, but only life’s transition
from one state into another,
like a common bird’s migration
no less natural and obvious.
Cry, lament and wail by all means,
tears can only do you good,
and nothing is more needed by the earth than water;
but be certain of the fact,
that no matter how much you cry,
you’ll never cry alone,
and all your tears have company forever
in the bitterness of all the oceans of the world
that all consist of only human tears.


© aurelio 2023
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