Kayapo Indians

It’s strange how history repeats itself and still no-one is bothered

Kayapo Indians



Brothers and sisters please take heed

For at this time we are in great need

For it has become very clear

That our territory could soon disappear


Through time that can quickly pass

They now clear our trees to grow grass

For this message is not useless prattle

They take our land to raise cattle


Soon there could be nowhere to live

They just take and never give

For this fight is nothing new

For in the past it happened to you


We need your voice to tell your government

To fight to the end we are intent

Let them know before all is gone

We are the Kayapo tribe of the Amazon.


© potleek 2023
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You have a good heart, potleek, and what you write is clear. I did think “prattle” was a bit weak and wondered if battle would make a stronger rhyme if you changed the lines around :-
They take our land to raise cattle
Let this message herald our battle

Quite happy if you kick it into touch, it’s just a thought.
Cheers albert

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