Sad Times.

April 2017, a sad month.

Dark drifting clouds obscure my mind

torrential rain is flooding my heart,

it has been like this now for almost a year

since you sadly had to depart.


I am always looking for a break

in the drifting clouds to appear,

but it happens very rarely

it’s been like that for almost a year.


Oh how I would love to catch a glimpse

of the sun that used to shine in the past,

but I sometimes feel there is no chance,

How long is this likely to last ?


I am only hoping that one day

a day not far away

the sun of the past will shine again

stopping clouds and torrential rain.


E.W.Peters.                                                April 2018



© pommer 2023
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Such a heartfelt expression of loss. I hope that, one day, the sun will shine for you.


Such a heartfelt poem Peter it saddens me to read it so God knows what it took to write it.


How long is this likely to last ?

A question I’ve asked many times and I dare say that it doesn’t look like vanishing for good in some areas of existential sentimentality, this question leaves and returns.

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