Healing the earth

Men and women!
As human beings if you have to live
for heaven’s sake train your children
with love, before it’s time to leave.

Guide them with your heart
on what you truly believe
else your gray cells will tear them apart
if you taught them only, on what to achieve.

We teach them how to talk, walk and dress
how to compete, talk, study, eat and drink
we show them ways to amass and possess
but we seldom teach them how to think.

A smile on the face is of little use,
if they curse from inside, and are ill at ease
as beings, they will learn to abuse
their health, they’d never be free from disease.

Parents! You teach them never to lose, always to win
the pain they haven’t learnt to endure.
Friends! They’re unable to accept smallest defeat
it’s time you help your children learn, from success and failure.

The world will turn for sure into heaven
if thoughts inside us were strong and pure
they’re things that’ll turn the stage into a golden garden
earth will heal on its own, wrongs will magically cure.

© supratik 2023
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