Sad Thoughts.

It is almost a year now since my darling wife departed.These type of thoughts enter my mind often.

Oh, how I miss

that early morning kiss,

your smiling face,

your sparkling eyes,

your tight embrace,

your gentle sighs,

oh yes I miss

that early morning kiss.


Peter.    25-03-2018


© pommer 2021
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These are wonderful loving memories of your wife to hang on to. albert


Bugger, that hits the spot Peter.

Hahaha! Come on Peter darling Well if we can’t laugh at ourselves. I’m still “Good days…Bad days” My diet is still unacceptable, but bugger all I can do about it.
Keep going you old bugger


Short, bittersweet, and yet complete. Expresses so much love.


I can say I understand your pain but I don’t really, For not having been through what you have.
This is a brave write after such a short space of time. I honestly do feel for you.
I hope your health is much better, Best wishes to you…Tony

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