Sad Thoughts.

It is almost a year now since my darling wife departed.These type of thoughts enter my mind often.

Oh, how I miss

that early morning kiss,

your smiling face,

your sparkling eyes,

your tight embrace,

your gentle sighs,

oh yes I miss

that early morning kiss.


Peter.    25-03-2018


© pommer 2020
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2 years ago

These are wonderful loving memories of your wife to hang on to. albert

2 years ago

Bugger, that hits the spot Peter.

2 years ago
Reply to  pommer

Hahaha! Come on Peter darling Well if we can’t laugh at ourselves. I’m still “Good days…Bad days” My diet is still unacceptable, but bugger all I can do about it.
Keep going you old bugger

2 years ago

Short, bittersweet, and yet complete. Expresses so much love.

2 years ago

I can say I understand your pain but I don’t really, For not having been through what you have.
This is a brave write after such a short space of time. I honestly do feel for you.
I hope your health is much better, Best wishes to you…Tony

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