Olive Leaf

I was challenged to write a love poem in 16 lines

Good night, sweet darling,

Don’t close your eyes

Look past the wicker

The soil, the wreaths

Into the sky and beyond

Rise to where your eyes are fixed

And as you fly

Alongside birds at play

Look down

If you catch sight of me

Standing at your graveside

Praying for you

Loving you

Drop an olive leaf

At my feet

I’ll know it’s from you.


© coolhermit 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Bitter/sweet love poem Liked this a lot.


You have a silver tongue, ch. No woman is safe with you sniffing about. Lovely piece that I’m sure lots of folk would like to commandeer. Cheers albert 😉


Just lovely. Can’t really say very much more than that except that I found it very touching.

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