Love You Forever

‘How long will I love you like this?’

One day. Two days. Few months. Few years. For whole life or what? How long?

I asked this question to myself. And yes, you want to know the answer.

It’s here. Eternal.

I will keep loving you like this till the eternity. Cause I have learnt that true love is eternal.

My love for you is not something born out of imagination neither it is any infatuation.
I’m honest to myself. Truthful to you. And pure to my God. And it is true.

Though it may happen that someday we don’t talk anymore.
You may forget to send me those good-nights.
It may be possible that I don’t see your messages on time and reply back to you.
You may also choose to forget me. In this world of all the happenings, anything could be possible.

But one thing is sure that I will be always in love with you.

My love for you is like Krishna that even if I’m eating the first morsel of the day and you call me at that time then I will leave that piece and instead come away for you.
It is endless. It is pure. Because, it’s not just the connection between two hearts. But the never ending relation of two souls.
And it’s not just limited to this world and birth.
It is eternal.


Written By:

Gaurav S Kaintura

Love You Forever

© Gauravsk98 2023
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