Ageing agonies

Skin has folded
in sheets
wrinkles writing off
the once-upon-a-time
nimble, agile text
hormones not in harmony
words come out
from the depth of truth.

Civilization doesn’t need verity
it masks in aesthetic ingenuity
asks me to hide my brown leaf
like a copied story
with desperate colors
lying in layers
o why can’t I move free
of what use then is technology
is it a crime to be born before
you made me a cell to rest in peace
but for heavens I want to live for sure
I pray give me the expertise.

What contradiction
when the same you talks of the yore
but neglect the living history
shove it as shame
but my agony is my glory
to make me accept just as I am
is my only aim.

This world is good
it includes
more and more
different tales of people
abandoned in the yore
I am yet to see on the stage
playing volumes challenged by age.

© supratik 2023
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Hello Supratik Sir..every time I read your works, it refreshes me to a new level..loved the Eliotic thoughts within it.. civilization vs individual excellence.. I wish Jacques could ever visit the wasteland…


Hahaha! I understand but couldn’t help it..

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