A Wine Bar in Manchester

From my 2005 poetry collection “Idle Thoughts”.
Unfortunately this wine bar has since been closed.

“Cellar vie”,
Says the sign
On the door.
I adore
This witty pun.
It is meant
To be taken
In fun
But in it
I read
Much more.
It tells me:
If you can’t cope
When life
Is letting
You down,
Don’t mope.
C’est la vie.
Leave behind
The rat race,
Just follow
The arrow
Down these steps
And drown
Your sorrow
In the spirit
Which abounds
In this place.
© Luigi Pagano


© ionicus 2023
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very nice Luigi


Good stuff Luigi I, too, used to quaff the odd Merlot or two there on occasion. So many good places gone the new ones seem brash by comparison.

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