Seriously Autumn

Another old one. Sorry.

It surprised me, a little.
Not that the red gold leaves had fled the
trees to do their Dervish dance macabre on
the bride white ground to let me know that
it was seriously Autumn but that I had not
thought of you since April and your birthday.

That Sunday I took the little book of your
verses and read them out loud until I cried .
You would have smiled at that. Smiled, not
laughed. You never laughed at me though I
often gave you reason to.

Only you could die in Egypt, in a tomb
reserved for kings. Only you could give that
final act the polish of a true professional.
You up-stager, you grand stander. I do miss you.
Especially now, when the world turns red
and gold and white, turns seriously Autumn.
Who is to dance in the heaps of leaves?


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Chrissy those special private moments so very delicately versed.
There are so many unusual ways to write a love poem…Yes this about one of the nicest I’ve read…Tony


Never apologise for something this lovely. There are certain times when loss is felt more deeply than others. and you’ve captured that in these heartfelt words.


Beautifully done. Loving words crafted into a compelling story. Sue.


I love the last four lines. A great work indeed.

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