Good morning mitigation


There is no good morning without you,
the first thought entering my mind
as I wake up each morning
to a new day full of battles,
trials, tribulations and ordeals,
while you, my solace, are my bandage,
dressing up my wounds
each night of love, as I come bleeding
home after the day’s defeats,
a wounded soldier lost in life.
Will this sore suffering existence ever heal?
I doubt it, but as you are there
each night and morning dressing up my wounds
at least there is some hope, relief and mitigation.


© aurelio 2023
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A very unlikely way to write a love poem, but never the less it is very meaningful…different but likable…Tony


When I read this, I think that we always need that one person who, no matter what, will be on our side. I think you’ve done an excellent job of showing that. Unusual but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. “a wounded soldier lost in life.” such a great phrase.

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