Tipping point

New beginnings or continued submergence. Life choices. Family Issues

      Tipping Point - Stormwolf


Flowers no longer grow
on my well trodden path.
Even the perennial snowdrops, harbingers of hope,
have chosen to lie, cossetted in dark earth,
rather than risk emergence to random foot-falls,
They remain, safely underground , whispering
in potentials.

Betrayal’s a hard act to ingest
stifling new shoots or fresh beginnings…
Spring is sidling up to me, cajoling me with promises.
My heart is gelid.
I may choose to listen
or perhaps wait
for the thaw.

© stormwolf 2023
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Good to see you back again Alison,Yes, the snowdrops, first born of mother earth, reborn every year no matter how cold it is.I am just beginning to see them once again,I .My heart was frozen for some time, I never gave up hope, and now the harbinger of spring are just showing their little white bells for me and ringing once again.I listened, I waited, and the thaw arrived ,albeit slowly.
I would wait. My thoughts are with you, belucky, Thank you for sharing. Peter..xx


We all come to a tipping point at some time in our lives, luv, a fact that your lovely piece articulates so well. May the promises of spring warmth warm your gelid heart and you blossom with new possibilities as a poet, producing more gems like this one. Well done.

Wolfbro x


Such a meaningful poem, the last five lines are exactly how I feel at the moment. Sue. X

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