The Birthday Cake

I gasped

As the knife slashed

The big birthday cake

Over three layers 

Pink, White and Brown

Framed in days

Eyes gaped

As the hot creamed oozed

And the flesh bled

Sugars,powders and flavors


To a pulp

In the big greedy mouths

They laugh

They cheer

Blowing the last gleam off

As the age travels

To the end of days


(An allegorical poem at the backdrop of Separatist movements)



© PoumitaPaul 2023
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Well as it’s my birthday today I find that most appropriate. Well done. I enjoyed it.


Like Pronto I found it equally appropriate,ite my birthday on Thursday.Wow, that rhymes. Thank you for sharing, Pommer.


Original and well written. Think it should be
“and the flesh bled”
Welcome to UKA
Alison x

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