Just a Thought

Can you answer Eric’s queery

Just a Thought


Every Thursday Eric and his best friend would meet in the pub

Most times he just went there for a quiet drink

Sometimes he’d partake of a little grub

But most of all for a chat and a quiet think


Eric sat pondering, then all of a sudden said

“I’m just wondering where or why.”

“You’re wondering what.” His friend cautiously replied

“I’m wondering where we really go, you know when we die.”


“Now that’s a queer subject to bring up, is it your turn or is it mine.”

“No seriously. Who says where we go, you know when we’ve died.”

Nobody ever comes back to tell us, do you think that’s fine?

Some believe in ghosts and spirits, to reach them some say they’ve tried.”


“Well Eric I think this subject I’ll just have to pass

For I know the only spirits you enjoy is what you get in a glass.

Why bother about where you go when you’re dead

 Have another drink and change the subject instead.”


Then Eric thought it might be for the best just now

But he couldn’t get it out of his head somehow

Just then another old friend sat beside him with a grunt and a groan

“How do Eric, I see you’re all on your own.”


“Sorry to hear about your pal who passed away

Funny thing, I thought I saw him just the other day.”

Then Eric said he just couldn’t get it out of his head

“Where do you think we go, you know when we’re dead?”


Then this friend said. “You’re a morbid old sod,

You’ve always said you didn’t believe in God

But if knowing I surely can’t tell

But knowing you, you’ll end up in hell.”



© potleek 2023
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I really enjoyed this, I have given the same question years of pondering still none the wiser. But your poem made me smile. 🙂


The line “…I see you’re all on your own.” shifts the telling into a haunting. Well done, the enhanced irony. The last verse is tack-on – may I suggest rewrite-or removing. It’s extra. because “…you know when we’re dead?” brings it totally full circle, the highest point of irony reinforced if ended there. Excellent write. Enjoyed thoroughly. Also the rhymes fade into the texture and are almost invisible. which takes great skill.. – allets


Enjoyed this often wondered that myself but then if death is oblivion, can that be a bad thing? We all enjoy a good kip!
Allets has a point by the way.

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