Through the Wall


Waking us up in the night
the cat we were drowning

is a baby under the water,
and the pair of voices

bubbling through the wall
are frantic divers, cradling,

bringing up the victim,
draining congested lungs.

We step back from the water’s edge,
discreet pillows over our ears,

and, like the coal-tar vaporiser
that is the votive candle

smelling sweet in a tourists’ church,
let the pungency of others’ pain

duly incense the room next-door;
and empathy’s confessional

be a nice old Tardis in the dark,
dematerialising us back to sleep.


© Nemo 2023
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All these reads and not one comment! How disheartening. I remember this one from before. The imagery is dark and haunting, the content original.
Perhaps people did not understand it?
However, even if they don’t completely, it is obviously well written.
I don’t know what has happened to the site but it is not encouraging it would seem.
Alison x


Excellent! Let’s not look at the mirror at all, if we have to reject what we see there.
What was the problem in saying ‘we were drowning the cat’



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