Temple or Playground?

a little, tongue-in-cheek piece of nonsense.

Temple or Playground?

When I was young and green and full of sap
My body was my playground
A five-mile hike, dance ‘til dawn, game of squash?
No problem.
Eat, drink and be merry.
As the days moved to summer, my body became a temple
To be cared for and cossetted.
Maybe one glass of wine at the weekend
Carefully chosen, healthy food, sensible exercise
Fellow acolytes who approved the care.
Now, if I try to pass on my wisdom, I get that look!
Because my playground is over-grown
And my temple is falling into disrepair.
All that is left is memory and maybe a little regret.
I wish I’d built the temple in the playground.

© ellieg 2023
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A temple in the playground eh? I wish I’d done it too. Alas, youth is wasted on the young!
Enjoyed the read.


Hello here, I enjoyed your musing here.
You can turn it around and realise that the playground is still within the temple, just as it always was. We are all simply children in inhabiting a waking dream.
I have abused my temple for years lol

Alison x

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