Sisters and brothers

Such a small handful of people
are they more powerful than us
sisters and brothers
of the world?

We are millions and trillions of us
who wouldn’t want wrathful wry wars
we want the dry weapons
removed from the hands immediately
don’t we?

Then how is it that such a handful few
do not lend their ears to us anew
are we blaming them all the time
pushing them more towards the crime
those confused leaders
aren’t they also one of us
sisters and brothers 
of the world?

No more peace organization can do the magic
no more lines of poems can perhaps undo the tragic
unless we placed truth over logic;
of all the sentient beings
only humans invented wars
others kill only to eat, 
for them, there is no winning nor defeat
all this while we thought of war as natural
it’s untrue, it’s false, it’s plastic, it’s artificial
from our minds we need to kill wars for good
in the name of an inclusive humanhood
for peace and prosperity
for growth, for our birth-right liberty
can’t we organize ourselves to rid of this fuss
ye sisters and brothers 
of the world?

Weapons to rest in peace in museums
wars that troubled the floors for years
to be scrapped as bad debts of our universe
o sisters and brothers 
can’t we win with love a handful few
for they are our sisters and brothers  too!

We need to wash the frozen hatred clean
gift the world, charming countries within
its warm nature serene
the leaders, they are so few in numbers
by us they need to be influenced
if we convinced them on things that made sense
we take the responsibility on our shoulders
of restoring peace in our winsome campus
going forward, an emphatic ‘no’ to weapons and wars
the tortured earth will profusely thank us
let us convince the leaders
we need no more of wars and weapons
we can make it happen, as sisters and brothers 
of the world.

© supratik 2023
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Heartfelt and shared.

Alison x

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