I become my stories

The page is my dais
the infinite stage,
my universe;
retelling in words
in prose or in verse
I come back to the leaf
for the compulsive relief.
In ecstasies, agonies
I become my stories.

I walk without steps
jump over the fence
fly without wings
with sky in my head
stars all around
clouds on the ground
I whisper without breath
I dance in a trance
I speak without letters
with minutest details
that form into words.
In hopes and in despair
the loving lines appear.

The wrongs and the rights
of the borders and the fence
with its numerous tales
I sing without notes
its tender cadence
life’s moving moments
in abundance, decadence
through days and through nights
I come and I leave
willing in delight
the forever lying leaf
I touch every sense
through the gaps of silence.
With its worries and glories
I become my stories.

© supratik 2023
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