Your Good Friends, The Joneses

Musical version of an earlier poem about false friends who undermine you.



Your Good Friends, The Joneses


They say you should keep your friends close to you

And hold your enemies in your arms

Well, I don’t subscribe to this point of view

‘cause false close friends do real harm


These are your good friends, the Joneses  

All wine and smiles at your front door  

They breathe out shadows in your hallway      

         That follow you across your floor                   


The party starts; you’ll find them in the kitchen

Dissecting everybody’s lives

While Ruth spins her webs of despicable fiction

Richard slowly sharpens all your knives


These are your good friends, the Joneses

You swear to God they’re the life and soul

You fill your home with the light of angels

But it’s the Joneses who are in control


They say that Ruth is stranger than Richard

Whose malice grows with each smiling lie

They darken hearts with contradictions

As all around you, all your angels slowly die


They fade away without a sound

Until you think your heart will break

They leave behind one final question

How many pinheads does it take?



To dance upon the face of an angel?   



© Paul D.E. Mitchell 2013/2017


© mitch 2023
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