my nursing experiences continued….

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Main text of your writing…………my nursing experiences continued

Still working as a qualified staff and    it was not that easy as we had to cope with lots of stressful situations. the worse stressful situation     occured  one day when a very challenging client was admitted. He came from a nursing home where they could not cope with his behaviour as  he  destroyed everything in his room and he hit  a staff who needed special treatment and he tried to assault other clients and the first day he was admitted he started becoming violent towards staff and other clients.          It was nearly the end of the shift and we were all looking forward to going home .  i was in the office     handing over to the night staff all the happenings of the day and suddenly we heard a noise like ‘leave me alone you bastards and ‘no , no’ so all went straight to the  lounge and saw Mark was on the floor, two of the staff  had used constraint and restraint on him as this is not permitted, you need three staff to restraint  somebody and here only two  staff had performed restraint, Mark was livid and still shouting so i  went and put my right hand under  his face to protect his head, i could see he had  a bruised forehead and he was bleeding from the nose. The reason i said you need three staff to do c and r is that one staff hold his right hand, the other hold the left hand and one staff hold his head for when you put someone on the  floor the head  is protected.So we lifted him and ushered him to his room. one staff held the door handle so he does not get out again and i went to get a very strong tranquilizer and administered that to him and gradually we managed to calm him down. all the staff had to stay back and write a report and fill the c and r book. then we went home. The next day when i came on duty i saw Mark and he was still nursing a         big bruise on the forehead and his nose was swollen, but he was calm. Why they had to do c and r  on him was that he was taunting a young member of staff and constantly taunting her and singing ‘ o you have big boobs and juicy lips and the staff asked him to stop , but he did not and kept on singing  non stop so they had to do c and r. Out of all days his parents came in and of course they asked him what had happened and he said he had been restrained. The parents came in the office and asked to take him out for a meal and we allowed this as parents had the right to take them out when they visited. Now instead of taking him for a meal they went to the police station and the police phoned the managers and asked them that they are coming to interview the staff involved but i had to come to the police station at two o’clock. i did not think much of it as i thought that because i was in charge they want me   there to give them the detail account of  what had happened

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