The Lonely Drummer

(This is a Limerick – About a performing artist and how one’s fortunes changes with time)

Streets full of lights and sound,
The town was full of people all the year around.
So much joy and so much noise,
Old and young, girls and boys, Behind the old fort ground.

The drummer was full of energy and spunk,
With lots of instruments in his trunk.
Flute, Mouth organ along with the drum,
Lilting notes he could strum.
Rock, pop, classic or punk.

His popularity soared bit by bit,
Year on year, his shows were a hit.
However he could not notice the change in the air,
The young crowd for his shows were getting rare,
For them, he was an old drummer misfit.

The world moved faster than he thought,
His shows nowadays were no longer sought.
People no longer wanted to pay,
For a musical show or a play,
Hard was this lesson his life taught.

In the midst of a hot dreary summer,
There now sits a lonely drummer.
All the beats and music have now drowned,
In the humdrum life going out of bound.
Leaving behind this lonely dreamer.

© Abhishek 2023
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Wonderful Abhishek!

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