Endless game

I have found you at last
if not anywhere else
at least
in my endless search.

When I eat something
from the roadside shop
meet someone on the street
or when I write to you, about you
lifting from the past leaves anew
in some obscure page
that I gathered being on the stage
within my visible time and space,
you touch me with your smiles
a push, a warm hug
from a whispering wind
touches my nerves,
a mongrel can smell you
sense you on my knees
it climbs
doesn’t find, strangely looks
I see you in the eyes of an urchin
the most divine face
to face nothings now and again
I see you in the fanning ears of a silly cow
for a split
you are open out there
you disappear I don’t know how
in your favorite game
you play with me
like a child who doesn’t know its name
can hardly speak
laughs aloud playing hide and seek
yet the game is only to seek and find
for I know you’re here for good, you never hide.

You hide behind the moon
covered under my sleeping pillow
behind the morning sun
that touches my coffee cup
we so tenderly share
or you may be lying below
veiling in the newly arrived newspaper.

The day begins to sing
again, you play the tune I start to sense
the quest restarts
either in my meaningless work
or in my indolence.

© supratik 2023
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