European New Year Greetings.

Some years ago I submitted Christmas wishes in various languages.I thought I would do the same for the New Year this time.I must apologize for the possible incorrect use of capital letters I tried my best.

Hungary: Boldog uj evet

Albania: Vitin e ri te lumtur

Poland:Sszczeliwego nowego

Portugal:Feliz ano novo

Yugoslavia:Nova godina     (Serbian)


Norway:Godt nyttar ir

Estonia:Head ut aastad

Wales:Blwyddyn newydd dda


Yugolavia:Svetna nova godina  ( Croatian)

Eire:Ath dhlain faoi mhaise

Alsace:Gleckliches neies johr

Romania:La multi ani si un an nou fericit


A Happy New Year to all of you on this site.May it be a good one.

Be lucky,Peter



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As they say in Irish Gaelic… Bliain Nua Shona!

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