Changing garden

My green garden
all of a sudden
free from stony intelligence
no worries, no headaches
bound with bounties
without bonds
surrounded by stars
like currents
flowing incessant, flawless.

I am suddenly in paraspuri*
with parasnath**
in a moment
I have become parasbudhhi***

currently feelings fill the urn
fillers of lights burn
the waters of loving
most affectionate of sins
throwing up forthwith
troubling scenes
even brownie leaves fall
until there’s nothing at all
the pot that was upside down
now in a minute
changes sides of its crown
becomes full
with powerful currents
that which was filled with stones
thrown out
troubling words, definitions
possessions, positions
losing significance
meanings like healings
falling in place
my green garden
​​​​​​​golden, splendid
now full with blooming
flowers, brimming
with fruits
birds in charming trees

I am suddenly in paraspuri
with parasnath
in a moment
I have become parasbudhhi




Paraspuri* – There are two worlds but we are aware of only one world.  One world is PARASPURI and the other is KANSPURI. In other terms we can say one is Ram Rajya and the other is Raavan Rajya. Sri Krishna is the first Prince to rule the Paraspuri (Golden Age) which is of 1250 years. Kanspuri is the present age that we live in which is popularly known as Kaliyug (Kalah-Kalesh ka yug).  There is a mystery as to why it is known as PARASPURI and why today’s world is known as KANSPURI.  Paraspuri means all the human beings who live in Paraspuri are as pure as Gold like Paras. Paras is known for its purity.  Therefore, all those souls who live in Satyug including Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are pure souls. Now, another mystery is that who creates this PARASPURI.  It is the Godfather SHIV who creates this paraspuri. Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are the first Prince and Princess respectively who get to rule PARASPURI.  When Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are small, they are popularly known as Sri Krishna and Sri Radha but when they grow up and their coronation (Taajposhi) takes place, their names change. 
(Source: Wikipedia and the Dictionary of the Brahmakumaris)
Parasnath** – Shiv (the only one God who never comes in human form)
Parasbudhhi*** – intelligence with the bliss of Parasnath

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