Our Anniversary.

Christmas Eve would have been our 69th wedding anniversary.I wrote a poem on each anniversary for my wife.This time it is different,as she is no longer with me.

Christmas Eve again, 

another year,

can’t rejoice

now you’re not here.


You had to leave 

you could not stay 

just a little longer 

for our wedding day.


All alone now

it is sad,

I shall remember 

the happy times we had.


I’m sure you are watching

from somewhere

for I know 

You’ll always care.


So I’ll say again 

like I always do,

wherever you are,

I love you.


Peter  xxx


© pommer 2023
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Such a sad time of year when someone deeply loved has been lost, it’s awful always but at Christmas the knife cuts just that bit deeper. You have my sympathies. Sue. xx


Thinking of you, Peter xx

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