Once upon a time

Written in good humour for those who are very compassionate towards writers of non-English origin

English has left England
since long,
reluctantly it went
with oppressors,
tradesmen, missionaries
to unite kingdoms, challenge boundaries
of distant lands,
through cants
forced their tongue
into every foreign thoughts
for easing their stance
looted, plundered, murdered
until English, went out of leash
completely out of hands
pronto to who does it belong.

Now the evolved language appears strange
when even the natives speak or write
errors beyond imaginable range
abound; sound far from right.

Writers weep in their graves
their tongue demised for greed
emancipated English strikingly behaves
but England pays no heed;
how can they,
today the patois has betrayed;
the voice alas, on a fateful day,
went unwillingly for trade.

Sad that matching natives of today
write or speak gibberish
that once upon a time,
was also called English.

© supratik 2023
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