For Human Rights Day 10 December


Is this fear ? Am I unreasonable ?

I stand in tears behind a pane of glass

that I could break with one hand;

but the doors are locked

and the windows too,

and fear and tears distort my view.


Why don’t I break It ?

Who would be hurt and why?

Yet I came here myself !

How, then, must feel a man

who cannot sleep

and stands behind bars he cannot break

for breaking rules he cannot keep ?

© Daffni 2023
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I’d go for ‘while fears and tears distort my view’ and the ‘and’ in the line above to give it a little dynamic. Nice inmate-eye rendition of the asylum.


I’m all for raising awareness of the need to improve the standard of care for the mentally ill. Your insight has prompted me to dig out an asylum themed poem of mine.


Yes, I’ve posted it for Friday.


A very apt rendition of the old days of the” treatment” of the mentally ill people. A reminder of my early training days many moons ago. We have been trying to remove the stigma and have not been very successful until now. At least people talk about mental illness now.I remember writing about it some years ago. Well done Daffni. Be lucky Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

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