The unknown paradise

Let me now sit inside you
and pray for a cure
I am yours afresh, anew
I know you are pure.

Every speck of your dust
we can blindly trust,
every grain of your food
can help us grow for good
every drop of rain
every inch of your terrain
stable, sound, secure
the healing stars
the lights they shower
the big and small creatures
all of them

Then for which firmament
do they ignore
you, resting in your nest
do they plunder you with zest
but everything you endure;
with all my innocence
let me wake up inside you
and pray for a cure
for their actions without sense
their intelligent ignorance
deadly and blind
destructive, unkind
placing life behind
every now and then
for an unknown heaven?

My earth
mother of my thousand births
in my deaths
in my breaths
I am close to you
more and more
let me remain with you
and pray for a cure.

In time for sure
we will all be yours
all killings will cease
the troubles, ill at ease
let me be inside you
and pray for a cure.

With a splash of love and light
through the days and the nights
our stars will rise
when all of a sudden
we would recognize
how we were in search of this bliss
​​​​​​​that escaped us, went amiss
for eons of lives
until we realize
we are the children
of your paradise.

© supratik 2023
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