Coal Ash


He said to me “I’m reluctant, I’m not willing to try”

“You’re ready” he said. “Ready to die”

I wasn’t born to this world merely to perform. We never die my friend, we only transform.


leaves cast unto the Wind

No familiarity was to be found, in the beams of oak, that onced graced the halls of my home.

I left that silent and rotting carcass, derisively sneering for the abandonment, I left those halls on my own.

I pressed blindly on…

I cursed and I wept, haunted heavy eyes, looking back to the only sight they could clearly behold.

My hands full of grit, my mind full of shit, with a hearth taken out by the cold.

I followed the path…

A wraith through the woods, the trail was covered in dead leaves, fragmented by my uncertain tread.

Between the ranks of glowering ashes I walked, wispy pall rising from the ground, under moonlight reluctantly bled.

Clearance was sought…

Yearning the past, offered freedom at last, the crypts claim to dispel all this grief.

Clearing the edge, resigned to the dredge, my shattered body to litter the reef.

© Raistlinrev 2022
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Haunting, the transformation. – slc

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