Night garden

… before it turns to grey….

From the darkness of the house the light

seems brighter and somehow ephemeral,

as the sun slinks off and the colour white

changes to orange, then a temporal


bright yellow, till a sudden spell of dark

engulfs  the garden in a misty gloom,

before it turns to grey with a last spark

of sunray flickering to resume


a new state of existence, as the dusk is here,

stopping all birdsong, painting grasses grey.

Bees fall asleep and in the breathless air

a spider web hangs empty of its prey.


Night has now fallen and a moon afloat

is crossing ponds, a silent quivering boat.

© Yutka 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Beautiful rendition and observation of a reflected moon


Absolutely stunning.
You captured it all as only someone in love with nature could.
Alison x


A good read.


A beautiful poem from a talented poet.

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