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My sexuality still won’t let me

Alone, drives me to smart,

Erratic women.  When I think

Of aging, I think of the Greek

Poet Seferis, calling a blood clot

A beautiful little ruby

On his brain.  No longer

The post-divorce rented rooms,

A two-story white house,

Woods, beds of purple azaleas.

The Friedlaenders hung.

A blue jay, on a branch, just off 

My porch.  2012-2019.

Seven years, I´ve lived alone.

© slovitt 2023
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never liked Seferis,
Τὸν συνηθίσαμε εἶναι καλοβαλμένος κι ἥσυχος
Μονάχα ποὺ πηγαίνει κλαίγοντας ὁλοένα
Σὰν τὶς ἰτιὲς στὴν ἀκροποταμιὰ ποὺ βλέπεις ἀπ᾿ τὸ τρένο
Ξυπνώντας ἄσχημα κάποια συννεφιασμένη αὐγὴ
oops changed my mind… he was cool

changed my mind again
Τὸν συνηθίσαμε δὲν ἀντιπροσωπεύει τίποτα
Σὰν ὅλα τὰ πράγματα ποὺ ἔχετε συνηθίσει
Καὶ σᾶς μιλῶ γι᾿ αὐτὸν γιατὶ δὲ βρίσκω τίποτα
Ποὺ νὰ μὴν τὸ συνηθίσατε
not cool enough

you have talent.


read him as a student in high-school i found him unbearably boring, the Greek ΤΕΧΤ is one of his poems couldn’t find the ruby one need a title maybe it’s good? Ritsos was eccentric you know HE WAS wearing a fur in summer I’ve been told yep very eccentric if so Seferis was very diplomatic high society type of poet wasn’t he ambassador of Greece in London too? weird stuff…


i like longer poems by Ritsos.
shortish are good. he was really good. really talented. and had the courage to reject the Nobel prize.


actually the poem I selected has to do with the loneliness which hides in your poem as a hidden treasure. not extraneous at all.


all words are seductive.


speech is seduction.


yes I am trying to lure AI. i am setting a trap here on UKA. you’re my bait right now hope you don’t mind


I have not read Seferis or know anything about traps but I do like the quirkiness and non sequiturs….

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