kate bush


Reading my poems in London.

A woman in a dark cowl

the front row.  I’m sharing

words that are colors, feelings,

like mescaline.  The reading

is ending, K. says 

I’ve initialed 50 books

in your stead,

apologize that they aren´t

personalized, and give them

those.  She’s humming

Wuthering Heights,

taking my hand, saying let’s

get something to eat.

She’s thinking, after a little


I want you to love me.



© slovitt 2023
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i have no idea what this poem is all about so I will have to guess… it is as if somebody found love at last or again at last, could be the poet could be the girl front row could be both.. but I run out of guesses now… so I will have to just say
it is a very optimistic poem! good vibes in it. very well written


sorry cultural gap, no idea there is such a song (not a fan of Kate Bush, hated her voice and work in general) and just finished scanning wikipedia about banshee now the poem has become rather .. i dare say …sad! what an awful development! women and men are complete already. i would like to say more on the matter but i don’t want to make you feel odd. this is your comment area.


there is only one way out, 100% wanting to be able to leave. whoever cannot find a way out of anything is unable to disentangle himself from the excuses that keep him hemmed in. the self is the liberator. you. yes you. a whole person that is not incomplete.


Yes, You
Namaste last word yours Namaste another form of Yes You.


yes they are, I have Plato to prove it. all souls are divided into a higher and lower self, the lower self is the one that reincarnates as male or female, the other half is always waiting for the return of the reincarnated part of the soul, your equal will never be found on “earth” in any lifetime, your Equal is waiting for your return. only then they are whole at last and again at last, exchanging information, read the Myth of Er. then a new life is chosen, the soul splits again, the lower self makes a contract and… Read more »


it is not “my” comment I am merely letting you and others know that one of the greatest philosophers of humanity has described exactly what takes place in the afterlife/intermediate state without the colourful folklore of Asians in Bardo Thodol. you may not be interested in exploring ancient Greek philosophy but others may be and I tell you all just in case you one day become interested too, read this particular “myth” which is to be taken literally not metaphorically according to the philosopher. say more I am interested, that’s what life is all about exchanging information ideas citing. ya… Read more »


I have. and Philip Dick also experienced it, I can see that in his writing which is full of clues for those who have experienced IT.
and of course either Plato had info from someone that had experienced it and whom he believed, or he himself remembered with great detail what is going on in the Intermediate State.
yes Swep I am always a friend as you know. backspaced another wall of text because you do not seem that interested in such matters.


your poem has the title Banshee

I assume you mean this

so your poem is metaphysical
it is about Death.


you will desist, so you won’t send cds did i get it right? i don’t listen to music, it is torture for me, 345 days a year are definitely without music, I listen to songs from da past the rest of the days… I may happen to listen to old hits Careless Whispers and Club Tropicana or How Will I know. do not send this woman’s unbearable voice, I implore you! you’ll be fine, it’s just juices. old new brand new new new totally new and totally old juices. no juices is bad for poetry. as you said quite correctly… Read more »


ooops wrong verb well… deplorable shit happens.
I will continue thinking about your poem which is probably one of the most important poems you wrote.

and may return, like I just did. (I become very obsessive about literary work when I find a clue and I think you may provide clues)

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