Another Winter

Yet again it catches us unawares
like bad news we share with next-door.

And yet again we couldn’t get away
like swallows to some summer retreat.

We see mums and dads pushing buggies
against the wind, stooping and struggling like us.

We envy children in their icy playground,
playing games with plumes of breath.

We wince with age as we turn down the heat,
poorer each year and stiff with cold.

Nursing a sadness that needs the sun,
we make tea and sit out another day.

We peer through rain-spattered windows,
we scowl at leaden skies and skeletal trees.

Next-door dodges puddles with his coated dog,
greets our parted curtains like a bearer of hope.



© Nemo 2023
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Stark images: I shivered just reading it 🙂 For me winter means being able to finally see through the small copse at the bottom of my garden and into the hidden park beyond, no longer blinded by a thick green screen I can see children playing and balls being thrown for dogs, gossiping friends wrapped in hats and gloves and hardy runners in all the right gear come and go at speed. Another plus I can view once again all the tracks made by secretive creatures. Your poem made me realise how much I appreciate that winter view. Thank you… Read more »

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