Child of the wire

For all refugee children, wherever and whoever you are.

Child of the wire

Bitter, the milk
leached from the wizened pap,
between thin, parched lips
over toothless gums,
into starving belly
there to sour.

Life, given, sustained
behind wire, razor sharp
barked orders
Go there!
Come back!
No entry!
Give up!

to other hands,
faces, better fed,
stare into your fragile eyes.
No wonder,
no perfect joy,
just pity.

The child
should not pay
the parent’s price for sin.
Deserving better,
she gives you up
without protest.

personal history
not knowing the circumstance,
the shame,
the pride,
the sorrow,
the joy
of being what you were born.
Be strong
wire child
take your past,
your right,
history demands it.

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