Night breed

Another re-post (still teaching my new dog old tricks)

Originally published on March 24, 2006 in Poetry



Night breed

Folded in shadows,
hidden away where none can see,
only feel presences
at the edge
peripheral to normal existence;
we slide, creep, repose.

With sharp emotions
we infrequently split
the dark, dusty drape
that divides us,
peeping through; seeing, unseen,
glimpsed only in dreams.

On high mountains
shrouded in cold mist,
we are the shapes
half seen
through memory’s fear filled eyes,
felt in the icy touch of remembered dread.

In dark streets
we trace the footsteps
of the living world
between the lights
casting no shadow
in our shadowed existence.

Along a river bank
cloaked in night black reeds,
or through a forest
just off the path
we watch
take half-life from life lived by others.

We grow or diminish with time
dependent on
the mind
of those who breathe,
who live by daylight’s rules
in regulated time.

A race memory
carried deep in the souls,
hard wired
in the brains of those
who still believe
and keep us safe.

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Hugely enjoyed this poem, I was there in the moment, walking with all those wonderful images. Sue.

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