It Should Be Paris

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An old song revamped for the new album: The Inn of The Sixth Melancholy. It was based on observations of riding the London Tube in the 80s.



       Sleepless, hapless; riding trains
Deep underground keeps me safe from the rains
And these metrosexual eyes cannot see
How I’m cock-chock full of a wry disease
As this carriage sways her breasts like moons
And we sing the hell-deep subterranean tunes
I hear Bo Diddley’s ghost in the rhythm of the rails
And the rattling tin of the girl who saves the whales
This must be London – it should be Paris
It must be London – it should be Paris


I spy strangers with my sliding eye
I’m not a jester just a passer-by
I’m a small-talk junkie who needs a fix
The weather will do; lets try politics
In this ugly, thuggy, this couldn’t-care-less
This Airless Underground – now here comes the test
As her aura arouses my prickly heat
My eyes are glued to her boob-Tube beat
It must be London – it should be Paris
This must be London – it should be Paris


Cocooned couples play their tonsil-games
They’re kiss-bliss adrift in their intimate seas
And they’re lapped by the waves of my envy-green
Reliving last night’s X-rated scenes
Like salamanders sly in a pre-coital daze
They’re stuck between coffee and a cigarette haze
I hear Bo Diddley’s ghost sighing Bo Diddley Da
He’s all fingers and thumbs with her complicated bra!
It must be London – it should be Paris
This must be London – it should be Paris


The whistling ghosts and the tannoy sage
Urge the Madding Crowds to disengage
And to Mind the Gap; to Gap the Mind?
The terror firma still strikes them blind
The hum-drum horror of the coffee black
It drags them from the womb and sends them screaming back
While we choke in the Smoke; lungs full of candy-floss
We’ll eat of Strange Fruit while they burn the Charring Cross
It must be London – Dear Lord above!
This must be London – it should be Paris



(c) 2017 Paul D E Mitchell PRS Registered

All music, lyrics, voices and instruments by Paul D E Mitchell


© mitch 2023
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