A War Time Letter

A letter from a young boy to his dad




Dear daddy,

                  I hope my letter finds you okay and you are having a better day

Thank you for the shilling for my 9th birthday, as you know it was yesterday.

I hope the cut on your face is much better what you said about in your last letter

You said you cut it on some barbed wire when the enemy started to fire

The place you are in doesn’t sound very good always being covered in mud

I hope this doesn’t make you laugh, but is there no where to have a bath.

The railway station got bombed last week but I was told I couldn’t go and peek

Mam said they must be blind, perhaps something better they couldn’t find.

Charlie Dawson’s dad came home last week, he got wounded and couldn’t speak.

He’s a gunner in a big plane, they said he would never fly again.

We go to church and pray to God so he won’t make things for you too hard

I prayed he would send you home whole so he doesn’t have to keep your soul

Well daddy you know it’s you we really miss so I send this letter with a big kiss.


Lots and lots of Love


© potleek 2023
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Inspired layout cleverly done. You have captured the the young lad’s thoughts beautifully. Great poem.hugely enjoyed. Sue.

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