No More.


Now stilled the ocean’s

ceaseless quest


as mighty oaks let fall

their crowns.


The Skylark’s song drips

cracked and raw

across a careless dawn:


while rays of gold

no more bequeath

the smile that lit upon

my door.


For time’s cruel hand

has taken back


the heart that beat within

my own.



© sweetwater 2023
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Absolutely beautiful. Your muse from another time is using you well. Alison xx 😉

I can hardly bear it…the loss. I will face this some day when my canine companion of 14 years leaves me too.
Many cannot comprehend the pain of losing an animal friend but I can.
I nominate this. A profoundly beautiful poem on its own with a deep spiritual feel but now you have alerted me to your ‘muse’ (in this instance) I hope it brings you some comfort.

Alison xxx

It will be that way. They never leave us in my experience. I have woken a couple of times to the noise of my old dog Chief (had for 13 years) wagging tail banging the bed as always used to happen and hearing his panting, only to find the room empty.
My dear old mum has also felt her old cat Felix jump up on her bed. Yes, she’s got dementia but she was perfectly lucid when she told me about it and it gave her comfort.

They also visit in dreams 😉


Hello Sue, I enjoyed reading this poem and although I suspected it I was not quite sure as to its origin. You have ‘spoken’ to me of the loss of your dog on a previous occasion, but this poem is I feel more about you and your memories. I enjoyed too reading your conversation with Alison. Alison was always ready with a friendly word of encouragement when I was writing as I am sure she has been with you, I am sure she will want you to find a way, as I do, to look to the future with optimism.… Read more »


I adore your “….careless dawn:”

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