No More.


Now stilled the ocean’s

ceaseless quest


as mighty oaks let fall

their crowns.


The Skylark’s song drips

cracked and raw

across a careless dawn:


while rays of gold

no more bequeath

the smile that lit upon

my door.


For time’s cruel hand

has taken back


the heart that beat within

my own.



© sweetwater 2018
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Absolutely beautiful. Your muse from another time is using you well. Alison xx 😉

Hello Sue, I enjoyed reading this poem and although I suspected it I was not quite sure as to its origin. You have ‘spoken’ to me of the loss of your dog on a previous occasion, but this poem is I feel more about you and your memories. I enjoyed too reading your conversation with Alison. Alison was always ready with a friendly word of encouragement when I was writing as I am sure she has been with you, I am sure she will want you to find a way, as I do, to look to the future with optimism.… Read more »

I adore your “….careless dawn:”

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