What Was

I was looking out of a Victorian university building’s high windows and all I could see was 180 degrees of nameless towers dominating the skyline.

What was on the human scale
No longer is,
Looking out from a stone-by-stone building
That starts with bones unique to it,
Symmetry formed from accretion of rock,
Broadens its base to uphold
The span of an organic physique,
Subdivided into airy rooms and intimate walls,
Vital fluids pump beneath its living membrane,
Occupied by an intelligence all its own,
Harmonized with the gathering of a human fold,
Directed to unifying textures;
Before voices blended into one,
Life forsaken to admit control,
Politics framed every errant dream,
And thoughtless towers shrugged
For a careless domination of the sun.

© ross 2023
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