Droubble (challenge)


It was difficult at first to get the work force to work extra time to get the order finished. But they were promised something special if it was completed in time.

October was normally a busy month but this order was more than extra.

Slowly each barrel was filled, then was carefully weighed and sent off to its destination.

October seemed to start and disappear quicker than was wanted; it was hectic getting this special order completed in time. Although everyone worked hard they still had to be aware of the few safety rules that had been implemented.

October finally went; it was the 5th of November when the last barrel was loaded onto a wagon early in the morning and set off for its final destination.

The streets of London with its cobbled roads were no place to have to drive a wagon loaded especially with horses hooves clattering and at times sparking as the horses struggled at times to get to grips with the surface.

Final destination was down by the river, the Houses of Parliament loomed closer

by the minute.

I just hope that this guy called Fawkes turns up with the payment for the final load

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A good one and relevant for the occasion but, perhaps, predictable.

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