Thou, of my ugliest despair, know

Though thy love and care grow;

Through my darkness thou seek,

For fragments of a profitable tale,

From my clearest days of love

Which pain repelled to remove

So withered they silent and weak

Deeper in dark abyss of a deep dale.

Flutter not nor float to speak.

Lone forgotten to die below.


Alas, thy pure heart and pride,

Thy beauty and perfume at my side,

The pleasure thy touch does bring,

Thy childish smiles when you sing,

Thou have lived for me and tried,

And I have lived for what thou tried,

Thy sighs, sweet words and gentleness

Are drowned in my dark sadness.

I‘ve witnessed the death of thy strife,

And observed mine in my paralysed life.

© jamalbbd 2023
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There seems to be a lot of sadness in these words, but don’t quite feel right to me with the mixture of past and modern words (thee, thou etc.)
Don’t get me wrong I still felt for the piece…Tony

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