King Of France


The clairvoyant was at the fair

and fortune telling was her game,

she could see into the future

predicting fortune and fame.

She called him to her tent

he must have caught her eye,

“come over here young man,

don’t be nervous or shy. “

She was looking into a crystal ball

and seemed to go in to a trance,

“you’ve lived before she whispered,

you once were a king of France.”

She forecasted great things ahead

one day he’d be a well known celebrity,

own a mansion in the countryside

and always be rich and healthy.

At the end she asked for money

as she didn’t do it for free,

and the reason she was so expensive ?

was because she was the famous Gypsy Rose Lee.

Well what a waste of cash that was

as none of what she said came true,

and he found out later she was a con woman

she was plain old Elsie Crump from Crewe ! 


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