For Harvey. Finally found I could write something following the loss of my adored Spaniel three weeks ago, so I wrote for this for him.

Freedom lies behind

a mask of falling 




It beckons, calling me

on yet pain will follow,

chase about my heels.



Lost to me now,

the gold 

that once arose

to praise each dawn.




Time grows old

beyond my eyes, as

silence seeps about

the walls.


© sweetwater 2023
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so sad……. sorry for your loss. good poem!


Always so sad to lose a beloved pet. Excellent poem.


Hi Sue, been away a while – bet Iv’e missed some good stuff from your pen. Never had to mourn the loss of a pet, but you gave me an insight of how it might be.
I hope you soon find another dog to love as you clearly loved Harvey.


Beautiful and evocative. Very moving.


Lovely poem clearly written from the heart. It flows nicely and expresses your obvious sadness without sentimentality. I really like that ’cause it’s very hard to do. When my Border Collie Bette passed after seventeen years a lovely working relationship I swore I wouldn’t get another. That lasted for about five weeks. Now I’ve got two and a half. The half is insurance for when the big old dog decides he’s had enough. You absolutely must get another. Doglessness is not a good thing. Much sympathy for your loss and thanks for sharing your poem here where I could read… Read more »

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