Remember Me?

In memory of my late wife.

I heard your call:

Remember me?

how could I ever forget

the sun in my life,

the anchor in storms

whose shared life 

I shall never regret.

How can you think 

that I shall forget

the most wonderful 

part of my life?

You,my girlfriend,

my lover,

my mistress,

my friend,

my wonderful

loving wife.


E.W.Peters.             10-10-2017


© pommer 2022
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It isn’t possible to forget such a wonderful loving marriage. But sometimes the pain of that knowledge can become too much and overwhelm with the sorrow and loss of such a treasured life. You made each other who you are so really she is still part of you, part of your life. Sue xx


Such a tender, pain-filled tribute. Time may lessen your pain but never your memories.
Glad I read it, sad I read it. No words are adequate.

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