I haven’t had the heart to write these last few weeks due to the loss of my dog. Living alone he was my constant companion, my reason to look forward to the next day. Untill I can find my way again I will post some you may have seen before for which I apologise but I do want to lend my support to the group.

How wantonly does

the sky weep,

heartbroken clouds

let fall their sadness.

The day grey,


breath’s despair 

upon the trees.

Drip chases drip

as leaves unleash

their burden

to puddle, listless

beneath my feet.

© sweetwater 2018
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I am so sorry. I lost my Ben last year and he was my constant companion. When I spent 6 months in a cast, he was always by my side. I hope you have wonderful memories that will help you through this time.
For me the short phrases build a picture of distraction and despair. The outside mirroring inner feelings.
Please take care of yourself.


As Gee has said, a sad poem (and a good one) for a sad event. Our Theo died several years ago. I still think of him, expecting him to meet me at the gate.


Always deeply sad to lose a beloved animal, especially when he’s your sole (Soul) companion. Lovely poem.


I know of such losses recently also and feel this one with you acutely. You are sorrow. The poem is worthy of nomination. Inescapable, rain as tears – wonderful write. The mood is where you live.- allets –

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